Some of the interesting things

you'll find here at Dunrovin!!

   Dunrovin Country Store has been identified as Moore County's largest and oldest country store, Located right on U.S. Hwy 1 in Vass N.C.

  Dunrovin Country Store carries a wide variety of products such as homemade fudge, Amish food, baked goods, coffee, lattes, old fashioned candies, homemade soaps, Wilma’s Snake Oil, organic and natural foods, loose teas, garden décor, year round Christmas decorations and much much more.

In 2012, Patrick and Jo Milcendeau took over the day to day operations of this establishment. 

 A lot of hard work and dedication has gone into their business to create what it is today.

    This is their home away from home!

     Joking and laughing with this wonderful couple creates a down-home feeling like you have known them all your life.

    Patrick says "Jo loves to shop, so I bought her a store."

    Jo says "No grass grows under Patrick's feet, he never stops thinking of how he can improve the store." 

   Their goal is to bring a more vibrant shopping adventure by filling the store with unique, unusual, and exciting items that would not only appeal to the community, but would also retain the traditional look and feel of old fashioned country stores they remembered their parents taking them to in their childhood.


​​A Touch Of Times Gone By