See Less O' Me

Herbal Supplement Tea

For use with a healthy weight management plan       (All Natural Herbs)


 3 pack

The Healer Tea

Immune system booster that also supports clear sinuses and promotes relief from colds, allergies, and headaches           (All Natural Herbs)



 2 pack

please specify acid reflux,leg cramp

Acid Reflux and Leg Cramp

                  2 pack

Made with certified organic ingredients 

that are blended in just the right proportions to stop acid reflux in less then 2 mins.

N.C. Tee Shirt 


Soft charcoal grey tee shirt

Sizes Available...    med, lg, xl, 2xl


Wilma's Amazing Snake Oil                             6 pack

Recommended for corns, bunions, toothaches, head and chest colds, sore throats, cuts, bruises, arthritis, headaches, and sore feet

                    EXTERNAL USE ONLY!!!


Yoder's Good Health Recipe                      3pack

An invigorating and therapeutic blend of 14 herbs and spices, cider vinegar, and the "elixir of life"

         "Help what ails ya"


6 pack