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We are the only

Moore County non profit bird rescue. 

We are dedicated to the health and well being

of all the birds under our care.

We take in birds that have been neglected and have not had the opportunity to simply be themselves.

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and will be used 100% to support our birds

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Our birds are special and most have a story or health issues that prevent them from being marketable. We build Tiki huts for them to live in and they're all very happy.

They were all outside birds, hatched and raised in NC or nearby states.

Birds we receive after the weather got chilly come to live in the house and move outside in the spring when their houses are ready.

These birds can tolerate extreme cold or hot weather do to being allowed to adjust to the climate. We do provide heat lamps in the winter and we mist them in the summer.

Did you know that we cater to school field trips and group outings??

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